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Strength in Sisters

Uplifting One Another

Providing educational and social support to Zambia's most vulnerable girls and young women so they may one day become active agents in their own communities. 

Who We Are

Our goal is to reduce teen pregnancies and early marriages and to empower girls and young women to be active agents in their own futures, families and communities. We provide social and educational support customized to each girl and her family's needs and have a goal to also introduce a vocational support program.

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Our Impact

We deliver services to over 250 people annually, and here's how


We provide intensive weekly support of tutoring and counseling to our core group of girls. These girls connect us to their communities where we can further our impact.

  • During Home Visits 

    • Quarterly, at least 60 individuals (a minimum of 4 people per home) meet with a social worker.

  • During School Visits 

    • Quarterly, 30 Individuals (4 administrators and 2 home teachers per grade) collaborated on how to best meet our girls' needs, as well as their other students. We then take this knowledge and integrate it into our community outreach programs.

  • Community Outreach

    • SiS Facilitated Community Banking Circle: Twikatane is a vibrant collaboration of 30 guardians and community members who save, plan and grow together!

    •  Peanut Butter Making Business

    • Family farm-plots

    • Stakeholders meetings

Attention to Our Client

Social Support

Our program's foundation is the one-on-one attention devoted to each client. Our Social Support System consists of: 

  • Bi-weekly private, 45-minute counseling sessions with a social worker

  • Quarterly home visits

  • Quarterly school visits

  • Direct access to a social worker (as needs arise)

  • Bi-Annual community sensitization program.


Educational Support

We mean Business!

Our girls attend local schools and Strength in Sisters supports and supplements their education through tutoring and private lessons. Strength in Sisters covers the costs associated with our girls' education that includes Tuition, PTA fees, uniforms, shoes and all necessary supplies.

The donations we receive make it possible to employ a private tutor to provide tutoring extra sessions so that each girl is able to achieve her fullest potential.  


Our girls and our organization take your donations seriously, so SiS support is directly linked to program participation. For sponsorship, each girl must keep her counseling appointments, attend classes, and maintain her school performance.


Our Next Step

Vocational Training

Strength and Sisters has been able to provide diligent and meaningful counseling when it comes to the social and educational support of the girls and their families, but we realize we need to take it a step further.


As we grow, we want to be able to provide our girls with job training and trade skills so they have other ways of providing for themselves and their families. Keep an eye out for updates and what you can do!

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