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Our Mission

Working with community members, schools, and guardians, we identify and mentor girls and young women in the communities of Butondo and Zimba, Mufulira. To be a part of Strength in Sisters, candidates must exhibit a commitment to personal excellence, a high potential for success, and a desire to positively impact their community. Despite these strong attributes, these girls and women are face significant challenges that put their success at risk on a daily basis. That is where the Strength in Sisters organization steps in to help. 

Social Mission

The Social Support System is crucial to Strength in Sisters - Zambia's program. We know that emotional and psychological well-being are key components to success. Clients and their families understand that if they do not keep each appointment on a timely basis, or fail to make progress on set goals, they are dropped from the program. Strength in Sisters focuses on shared visions where all participants must work together. There are no handouts.

Such intense, focused attention requires highly qualified and dedicated social workers who receive fair compensation for their expertise and labor. We want high caliber graduates from our program which requires a high caliber delivery of services.

Educational Mission

Strength in Sisters works with Butondo Primary, Butondo High, Luansobe Primary, and Luansobe Community schools. Our program is unique in that we go to our clients — wherever they reside. It’s intense, but going to the schools establishes our role within the community, highlights the importance of girls’ education, and extends our sphere of influence. 


The girls understand the importance of their participation and performance, and they know that further support is contingent upon their commitment. Anything given is theirs to keep, but school fees and delivery of supplies are "per term" rather than on a once yearly basis. We want them to see that they are capable and competent agents in their own lives and to enjoy the rewards of hard work and dedication.

Vocational Plans

Once we are able to fund and get our vocational program up and running, we want to immediately introduce it to our girls through our Girl's Club. However, it is important we link it to participation in the Social and Educational Support Systems. After all, the education of our girls comes first, as well as if they are holding up their end of the contract by making their meetings with the social worker.  


We will fund materials and training by giving credit for:

  • Each personal appointment kept between participant and social worker

  • Each group meeting attended

  • Progress toward goals set in collaboration with social worker.

Girls doing crafts.jpg
Girls' Club

Where We Have Fun and Learn

We are extraordinarily proud of our Girls' Club program.

Our club meetings allow the girls to further bond with each other, and they also sensitize the community since each girl is asked to invite a friend. 


Three times a year, instead of spending 4-6 weeks with nothing to do and little to no supervision, our girls:

  • Play games

  • Learn traditional and current dances

  • Create crafts

  • Listen to presentations on life skills

  • and much more!


During Girls' Club, we form crucial relationships with the girls, teach them different skills, and of course, play lots of fun games!  

Our Work In Action

Take a look at the many ways Strength in Sisters is helping others succeed. Our photos and videos are a true testament to the immense impact our activities have on our girls. We love to share everything from new skills, old story tellers, and fun games they can play with their friends and family.

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