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Building Change, Together!

Amaka Center is the next big step in our organization's future. Perfectly situatiod between Zimba and Butondo, Amaka ("Strength" in Bemba) will provide opportunities and resources we've been longing to share with our girls, their families and community. From an orchard and garden that integrates water harvesting principles and organic farming, to a girls shelter and educational and vocational training centers — we envision a space that celebrates traditional Zambian culture and the opportunities that come from being part of a global community. This is a multi-stage process and we’re excited to invite you to join!

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Take a Closer Look

Stage 1: Caretaker's Cottage - $2,500 - MET!!!

The Caretaker’s Cottage is our vital first step in protecting our land and its natural resources. For too long we have witnessed the theft and destruction of our local trees and plants on our newly purchased property. Our plans for a garden and orchard came to a halt because anything planted was quickly stolen. A Caretaker’s Cottage provides a constant presence on our land to help deter theft and vandalism.


Within three weeks of starting this campaign, our team of supporters grew and has fully funded the construction cost of our Care Taker's Cottage! We can now begin construction and confidently embark on Stage 2!

Stage 2: Shipping Container (Transport & Installation) & Concrete Pad to Securely Store the Hydraform M7M1  - $3,500

To protect one of the biggest investments Strength in Sister’s donors are making possible, we will buy and install a shipping container to store the Hydraform M7M1 Block-Making Machine. A concrete pad will be placed near the Caretaker’s cottage as a solid foundation to safeguard your investment and keep it under a watchful eye. Once we know our investment will be safe, it's time for Stage 3!

Stage 3: Purchasing a Block-making Machine $25,000








The Hydraform M7M1 Block-Making machine is a game-changer. Mounted on a platform and equipped with a tow-hitch, the M7M1 runs on both diesel and electricity so work moves forward even when the power goes down. Numerous anthills, prime building material, are scattered across Strength in Sisters' property.


The M7M1 will transform that clay into interlocking compacted earth blocks, dramatically cutting costs and our dependence on outside sources. These blocks will encircle Amaka Center, protect its resources and form its walls. Even when our anthills are gone, M7M1's mobility means we can travel to another site, manufacture and sell compacted-earth blocks by day and then return safely home. That's right, we can turn anthills into infrastructure and build lasting change, together!  

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