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 Strength in Sisters loves to build on community and teamwork, and we love connecting our donors to girls. Do you have any ideas for a  fundraisers? Let us know! Our operations have grown, and we need to expand our team. We are always open to ideas, help, and any positive contributions!

Get in touch with us below and we'll brainstorm how to make the biggest impact!

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Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! We post regularly on all our accounts and love to share what we're doing in our organization to help grow and better the lives of our girls. 


We also love to share about our experiences with the girls and our visits when we travel to Zambia. Check out our blog for quarterly posts about our experiences!

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About the entirety of your donation goes directly to the Zambia Program. We pay filing fees to stay in line with non-profit governance and have minimal office overhead.


To give an idea of how far a donation goes, 

$50 a year provides, for one girl:

  • Her uniform, school supplies and entire annual school fees.

  • 24 Counseling sessions

  • A minimum of 3 school visits, 6 home visits and 28 Girls' Club meetings 

This, along with immeasurable opportunities  that would otherwise be hard to come by.

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Strength in Sisters is growing and we need your help to achieve our next steps!


Learn more about our campaigns and how we intend to grow our program and expand our reach!

Check out our campaigns!

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